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5 Park Skating Tips for Rollerbladers

Learn five park skating tips for rollerbladers from former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas in this Howcast video.


Hey, guys. Gypsy from The Skate Truck NYC. Today we're going to talk about park skating tips. Whenever you're skating in your local park, make sure a few things happen before you go out. One, always skate within your means. Make sure you have your protective gear, which is your helmets, your wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads.

And also, know the rules of the park. In Central Park, you need to make sure that you skate the same direction as all the other traffic. Make sure you stop at red lights and stop for pedestrians. Make sure you keep your eyes and ears going so you can see what's going on around you. Don't skate with blinders on. Always be aware of pedestrians, taxi cabs, cars, squirrels, sticks. Anything that could make your skates come to a complete stop you would like to avoid at all costs.

When you're skating in the park, just remember keep your hips down, your knees bent, your chest up and a little bit forward. And have a great time. Skating in the park is one of the best ways to get fitness exercise in, and it's also good for your body. So enjoy your skating.

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