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How to Roller-Skate & Rollerblade with Gypsy Lucas

Learn about former World Champion speed skater Gypsy Lucas, one of Howcast's roller-skating / rollerblading experts, in this video.


Hi my name is Gypsy Lucas. I am the owner and founder of The Skate Truck NYC. I've been roller skating my entire life. Third generation roller skater. Grandparents, parents on both sides did figure skating, speed skating, hockey. World champion speed skater and I've also placed in a couple of races at the X-Games in downhill in-line skating. Started playing roller derby a couple of years ago. I'm now coach for Gotham Girls Roller Derby which is Number 1 in WFTDA. So lots of roller skating history, background. I'm going to show you some good tricks for roller skating. I hope you enjoy it. Our website for The Skate Truck NYC is

And the Skate Truck we actually take the truck around to local schools and churches and we do Learn to Skate classes. We do weekend rentals in beautiful Central Park during the summer. And we also do Learn to Skate lessons so if you've never roller skated before then you can contact us and we can teach you from basics all the way up to going into a sport level. We're here for your skating needs in New York City and maybe other cities in the future. Who knows.

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