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How to Do a Marcelo Garcia-Style Guillotine Choke

Learn how to do a Marcelo Garcia-style guillotine choke from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right guys, now we are going to go over the Marcelo Garcia version of the guillotine. In this gym, we call it the Marecelotine. It's a very , very innovative, excellent technique and requires almost no power. It's all technique, great move. We're going to do it from the guard, but it can be done from a number of different positions, all right? Break down his posture, I grab his neck, and I finish. One more time, I'm going to break it down. So, I'm going to break his posture somehow, either pull him in this way, or I can come up, very likely I come up for a sweep, sit my butt back, and I'm going to grab his chin. Again, the same football grip that we used in the 10-finger grip, but on this side. You are going to grab his chin. Now, again, I grab my hand. I don't cover the whole hand.

I grab only a little of my hand and I'm going to punch my elbow forward. So, the movement is like this. Punching my elbow up, OK? One more time, punch my elbow up. Now, I fall to the side. I'm not going to fall backwards. I fall to the side, and finish. Very important not to fall backwards in the guillotine, OK? One more time. Let's do that again from a different angle. Now one last thing, what we want to do is we want to make sure we have a good plan B. So, instead of going just to closed guard, I want to also be able to submit him from a better position. So, we can do this as well. As I punch...a little more advanced version where you wind up in the mountain, but that is preferable to guard. Because if you miss the guillotine, you're in mountain. That's the Marcelotine.

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