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How to Do an Arm In Guillotine Choke

Learn how to do an arm in guillotine choke from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right guys, now we're going to do a traditional arm in guillotine and the history of the guillotine is very interesting. It was invented by Renzo Gracie, and so he has some great tricks to finish. I'm going to show a great arm in guillotine, his style, and then also my backup plan off that guillotine. Because remember, Jujitsu is all about position and plan B. Come up, sit back, get the grip, arm in, fall to the side. Again. One, I come up, I reach around his head and I snake around and make a fist. Grab my fist. I fall this way.

I cross my feet, this foot on top. Now, I turn my head to touch my own knee as I pull upwards. Two important points. One, fall to the side. Second, pull upwards, not this. This. We call this Yo-Ho-Ho, like you're a pirate. This, this. That is essential to the move. One more time. One, sit back, reach around, get your grip, fall to the side, cross your feet. Now, I have the tap, but let's say I don't. I take my foot, put it in here, flip him over, and I can come to the mount, finish him here. If I can't get to the mount, I come to my knees, and I can finish him here. We'll go over this submission later. One more time. That's the arm in guillotine.

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