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How to Do a Cody McKenzie-Style Guillotine Choke

Learn how to do a Cody McKenzie-style guillotine choke from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right guys. Now we're going to go over the mckenzietine which is a variation invented by some McKenzie guy who was in the OC and it's very, very innovative. It just shows how Jujitsu evolves and what we think doesn't work actually does work very well.

Now the regular guillotine grip that we were talking about before was a I make a fist and I grab my fist and I do this. Okay? Now for some people, if you have a lack of flexibility, you can only go so far so you can go like this and keep pushing, or some people do it like this. Okay? I prefer to do this move standing rather than the guard. Okay? Because you kind of miss the plan B. It's a little hard to execute Plan B but it can be done from Guard but right now I'm going to show it from standing. OK, so I have Chad's

Okay. So I have Chad's neck and I come around this way. Okay? I'm going to switch sides so you can see my hands. I come around and instead of doing this, I push my fist this way or I make this way and I push up. Let's do that one more time. On here. I switch my grip and go. Okay, one more time. Maybe he shot in. I'll sprawl, come around, clap my hands or fist and I finish. All right? OK. So, together. That's how you do the mckenzietine.

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