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How to Do a Kimura from Side Control MMA Submission

Learn how to do a kimura from side control MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right, guys. Now I'm going to go through kimura, which is a really great way to control your partner, as well as set up a great submission. Now there are many variations of the kimura. We're going to start with this first one, which is the traditional side control kimura. I have my opponent in side control, nice, powerful side control. Before we did the Americana when his hand came here. Now his hand is here.

We're going to be going for a kimura. All right. There are a few ways to set it up. The first way is I like to bring this hand over underneath his arm. I use my head to pinch his arm down. This hand goes here and block his hip. And I finish the lock. Okay. Now I'm going to go over the details. Side control, arm over, arm over, pinch. And here's where we start. Now my arm is here blocking his hips. My weight is on his chest. My head is pinching his arm down. Some people like to put their arm down on the floor.

I do not like to do that. It's not wrong, but I'm going to show you why I don't do it. Grab here. Now I put my elbow on the floor. I shift forward, step over his head, and again I'm going to do that motorcycle movement that we did in the Americana. Motorcycle and brush the floor. It's very important to keep the arm tight. Okay. In every kimura, I want the arm compressed and tight to my body. All right. I don't want here, and I don't want straight. This is not arm kimura. This is a straight arm lock. It's bent and tight to my body. And I finish. Okay. One more time. Okay.

From side control, I go to my start position here, and I pinch the arm. I gab the wrist. I establish the grip here. Elbow down, right here against his body. Drive forward. Step over his head, and shift back. Motorcycle, tight, finish. Not this. Not this. Okay Nice position. One more time, guys. One. Pinch. Get the grip. Elbow on the floor. The motorcycle. Finish. That's our traditional kimura. Remember with all the kimuras, stay tight with the arm to the body.

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