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How to Do a Teacup Kimura MMA Submission

Learn how to do a teacup kimura MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right, guys. Now we're going to do another variation to get that bucking bronco kimura, but we're going to start out in knee to the belly. All right. I'm in side control. All right. I feel like I'm losing the position. Hop up to knee in the belly. Okay. And that's how I do it. Let's explain. One more time.

I'm in side control. I feel like I'm losing it. Hands on the hips. I get on the floor. Go to knee in the belly. Now I have a nice, solid base here. I come in and cup upper deltoid, this area. I pull him towards me, push his head down, step over. We hunt. Finish. One more time. Knee in the belly. This position here, it's called the teacup. Push the head down. Come around. Finish. That's the teacup.

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