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How to Do a Kimura from Back Control MMA Submission

Learn how to do a kimura from back control MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right, guys. Now I'm going to do a real interesting entry into the kimura, one of my favorites. It's based off of a move that I was taught, but I kind of came up with my own variation. So I hope you enjoy it. And it starts out from the back. A lot of people have transitions from the back, but here we're going to hit the kimura. I'm in the back. I'm trying to choke him. I'm trying to choke him. He's starts escaping. I lose him. But I grab his wrist. Okay. One more time. I'm here, trying for the choke. But see, he's got past this hook, and his ankle has changed. No more choke. No more choke. I can't choke him. Okay. So I'm here. I grab his wrist. I grab my own wrist. I bring my elbow around.

This part is important. You must be mean with this move. You cannot do it nice. I put my elbow on his face, the other elbow here. I kick him over. Okay. Now if I'm nice, he's just going to turn in. See that? No good. So after I kick him, I put all my weight on this elbow, and I do a yoga plank. Okay. If you're familiar with yoga, it's like this. All my weight is on my elbows. Here. And I'm right here. And I'm making sure he cannot look at me. If he can look at me, he can turn. I put all my weight down. Can you turn? Turn. He cannot turn. Pressure here, here, pressure here. You okay, buddy? Bring my knees in. This knee came here. Step over his head. Finish the kimura. If he locks up, which he often will, he'll lock up very, very tight, it's an easy transition to an arm bar. One more time. And that's the kimura from the back.

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