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How to Do a Kimura from Triangle Choke Hold MMA Submission

Learn how to do a kimura from a triangle choke hold MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right guys, now we are going to do Kimora from another position. It's when you are attacking the triangle, OK? Now, we're going to go in, maybe I have him in the guard, I've broken his posture down and we've hit the triangle this way, OK? This position is pre-triangle where my legs are locked around him. There are many ways to get there. We'll talk about that in the triangle video. So again, I'm in this position right here. How to get there, we'll talk about it in the triangle video. The first one is, I grab his wrist, grab my own wrist, motorcycle, clamp the elbow down, and lift his arm up. That's the basic Kimora from the pre-triangle. But, there are more advanced ones. Another one is as I'm here, I reach my arm in, clap my hands, and again I go. This is the Hoyler variation of the Kimora. So, I put my hand in here, a lot of times he'll grab his thigh, but you can whip it out. Another variation, that Braulio Estima does, is instead of just doing this, he will come over and grab here to stop that leg wrap. Again, turn my hips, OK?

So we have one, this version, this version, and this version. Now, we have one more which is from my instructor Lucas Lepri. Here in the pre-triangle, the first thing I'm going to do is tighten it up. Now, if you are familiar with the heel hook, I'm going to come around here, grab my palm to palm grip just like the heel hook, turn my legs that way, and hook the elbow. Here, there we go. One more time. Lock the triangle up tight. Could be backwards, too. Either way is fine, just lock it up tight. Clamp your wrist, palm to palm together, lift your hips, squeeze your legs, turn. OK? One more time, all of them together. First, traditional Kimora. Clap your hands. Hoyler Kimora. Reach around, Bryaulio Kimora. Now, my teacher, Lucas, hook here, there. Those are some really interesting and technical variations of getting a Kimora from the pre-triangle position. So, if you have trouble trying to get to finish in the triangle, remember, this is a great option.

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