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How to Do a Rolling Kimura MMA Submission

Learn how to do a rolling kimura MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


Rene A. Dreifuss: Hi guys. Now we're going to do a Rolling kimura to pass the half guard, where you can go for the submission but you can also pass, right? Some people refer to this as the kimura trap but I was introduced to it by a competitor from many years ago, Mike McCurlic, a student of Hoyt Grayce and he was doing it way back in the '90s so I call it the McCurlic kimura roll or rolling kimura. And Chad is going to demonstrate it.

Chad Hernandez: OK, so we'll start in the half guard position. And I'm going to engage him as if I was inside as well. So I'm over and establishing a kimura hold with the arms out or he's grabbing, doesn't matter as long as I'm in control.

Now, put my head on the floor first, and with this back weight here I'm going to hook the tight and now I'm going to use him up to help release my leg and roll to, in this case, my right shoulder and I have my right side to the mat. And I hold the arm tight just like any other kimura. Now I have 2 options: I can come up to a basic kimura which I'll demonstrate right now. Face on the floor, legs over and our basic kimura.

Let me rewind. The second option now is if my opponent comes up. I follow him, if you notice bring my knee in and the back leg comes over and I lock up as I turn into him, I lock up my waist and as you can see here, I have a triangle, which I while also tightening the arm.

Let's do it one more time. All right guys, here we go. Half guard, establish a kimura hold, face or head to the floor, hook the leg and roll. Option one, come up to a basic kimura. Option two, he comes up, follow him and hold here, use your legs to bring him down as you lock up. And we have the triangle choke there.

That is a kimura roll from a half guard.

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