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How to Do an Inverted Arm Lock / Hiza Gatame from Guard

Learn how to do an inverted arm lock / hiza gatame from guard MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right guys, now we're doing another inverted arm lock variation, this is my variation of it. I love this way. It's not the traditional way to do it, but I think it's extremely effective. Again, we start in one of my favorite positions, which is the Rat Guard, which protects you from getting punched. I'm going to show the details. Let me show the technique first, all right? Love this move. Rat Guard, underhook on the shoulder. Now, let me break it down. I'm here in the Rat Guard. Now, unlike the other arm lock where we went here, in MMA this is bad, because now he has a lot of space to punch me and I don't have control of his posture. The other one started, I was up, but this is starting down. I want to keep him down. I bring my arm all the way over here on his back, okay? Lock my hands.

Come up, Chad. He can't. Now, important, gable grip but like this. This. Here, put your elbow in his face. If he can't look at you, he can't submit you. Punch me, Chad. Now, I hip out. Again, you can do it this way or this way. I prefer this way. I bring it to my shoulder, grab my trapezius, keep the space here, keep this space here. One, two, and again, you could also do it Marcelo version, traditional version, but I prefer this. Let's do it again. Rat, underhook, hip, right here, here, finish it. Now watch. Why do I prefer this? Chad, pull your arm out. Not going anywhere, even with sweat. Not going anywhere. That's my variation of the inverted arm lock.

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