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How to Do an Arm Triangle Choke from Mount MMA Submission

Learn how to do an arm triangle choke from mount MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


Rene Dreifuss: All right, guys. Now, we're going to talk about the arm triangle, and Chad is going to teach it. The first place we're going to get the arm triangle from is the mount. Okay. Now you have to be careful to make sure all the grips are set. And one of the good things to do in arm triangle is always try to finish it with one hand if you can, to make sure that you can finish it with two. And Chad's going to get into it. Okay.

Chad Hernandez: Okay. So let's start in the mount position. A particular way I like to engage an arm triangle is with an arm hook here. We call this control here a Captain Hook. My shoulder's very relaxed, and I'm applying downward pressure into the face. At the same time, my free hand is under the arm. So I'm really staying very , but putting a lot of weight onto the head. Now of course while this is engaged, this hand is walking up. If I had a very strong guy and I can't really get up, I can take my time. I can walk little by little.

Hold it. Hold it. Let him wait. Let him wait. Get him really tired. Do it again. My objective is to get the arm up to the ear as much as possible. Once that's established, I can slide my head down and start establishing my arm triangle grip, the choking arm palm down, the outside hand under like so. Okay. but just to show the choke, I'm just going to demonstrate without this grip, just showing the grip beforehand. Now make sure, guys, that your weight is never forward. It's always back. The shoulder must be relaxed, and my shoulder, again, is not going forward either. It is back, and it's to the side. Not stiff, forward. It's relaxed and to the side, as the rest of my body weight is going downward, not going forward. It's a very big misunderstanding with the arm triangle. Now I'm going to start back to that position again. Now I'm getting one hand.

I am going to, while keeping this pressure on the throat, I am going to tripod and slide across the stomach. And as you can see here, this leg is holding on, the foot, to both legs. And I'm going to slide right here to a sprawl position. I prefer to keep my inside leg flat. And now while continuing to kind of sprawl my weight downward and keep my shoulder relaxed, I'm going to start rotating. Okay. So let's do it one more time. Captain Hook control. Walk the arm up, up to the ear, guys. Also, one more detail, guys. Make sure the arm is not like this. I must have it downward right here, right by his neck, under the chin. Okay. Gable grip here, but for now let's do it with one hand. Tripod. Slide across. And sprawl. And let's start rotating as we're dropping our weight down. And that is a arm triangle setup from mount.

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