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How to Do an Arm Triangle Choke from Top Half Guard Position

Learn how to do an arm triangle choke from the top half guard position from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


Rene Dreifuss: All right, guys. Chad is going to also show another arm triangle setup, and this is from when you're in someone's half guard. And you could use the arm triangle to finish him, or even just to pass. And this move was used by Mario Sperry back in old PRIDE days. And Chad is going to instruct how to do it now.

Chad Hernandez: Okay. So let's start in a half guard position. And we can here. And we'll do it different angles. Now where if maybe sometimes my opponent is trying to really get his grip here, I can use this hand here as you can see, block the elbow, and do the same strategy where I pull myself out and come right in.

Now after establishing control, I can use this threat to help my pass, because my opponent's focus most likely should be on the threat of getting choked out from here. Okay. Now with my back leg I'm going to hook the guy and use that to assist my pass while still establishing my arm triangle control. So again from here this leg hooks, and I'm going to slide my knee through. And he most likely will hold onto my ankle with his thighs. This leg here is going to apply pressure and kick off the top knee as I slide through. As you can see, I'm back in side control. And now I can apply my same basic setup in my arm triangle in side control. One, two. All right. Let's do that again. So knees applying pressure. Hook. Slide my knee through. Kick off, and pass.

And then go right to side control. Let's also go over another variation where I try the same attempt, but I can also go to mount. Half guard. I establish the same control. One, two. I hook. Slide through. He pins me. I can't kick out. He's very strong. I can actually go right over, bring my knee up, right down to mount from here. If he still holds on, I can simply just take this leg and slide it over as if the basic arm triangle from mount, even though he holds onto my legs, like that. And use that to help my kick. . Let's do that one more time. Hook. Drop my weight. Slide. He is holding me very tightly, so I go knee over the body, and drop. Bring my other knee in to that space here. While holding on, I can use it to help my kick up, and then I'm right back into. . . That is an arm triangle from half guard.

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