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How to Do a Triangle Choke from Guard Using Overhook

Learn how to do a triangle choke from guard using overhook MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right guys, we are going to do another set up for the triangle. Again, little bit more advanced. We're going to do from overhook, a guard system, some people call it the Old Valley guard, also known as what BJ Penn used to call it, the fighting name, Damn Good Guard. Why? Because it's damn good. It's a great way to block punches, good for sports jujitsu, good for MMA, good for Nogi, but particularly good for MMA. So, Chad has posture, boom, and I'm breaking him down, right. I get my overhook here. Now, the key is, guys, cup here. Cup here, hip escape, right? You want to try and get this knee in here. If you can't, use your elbow, use your elbow to slide that knee through. You can come here to this position, or here to this position. The idea is that you are manipulating him here.

Grabbing here, hip out, get my knee through. If he blocks it, use your elbow. Use your elbow. Boom, when you get here. Now, from here, I have two options. I'm going to smash him down, bring my foot over, get into that pre-triangle position, okay? Another option is, his hand is in here, I push it in. Now here guys, is where we get trouble. He's in here, he's pushing, I'm going to go here. Now, watch this. I grab his wrist and my own wrist, okay? I grab his wrist, I smash him down here, and I come over, okay? I go here, boom.

If I can't, I take my foot and I start tipping him over and get the sweep. So, this position here is very, very stable. If I can't get to triangle, I get the sweep and I just tip him over. One more time. I want to get here, but he's blocking me. He's blocking me. Grab here, put my foot in, sweep, come up on top, right? So, that's the Damn Good Guard, and to that double grip which some people call the Iron Hook. That's a triangle variation that's a little bit more advanced when you can't get that triangle.

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