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How to Do a Triangle Choke from Side Control MMA Submission

Learn how to do a triangle choke from side control MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


Continuing on our triangles from the top, all right, we're going to do a triangle from side control. And Chad's going to teach you. But first, I'm going to show you how to segue into it from the last triangle we did. All right. So I'm scarf, all right, and I can't push that arm down, it's fighting me, it's fighting me. So instead of pushing the arm down, I'm going to pull it up. Okay? I'm going to pull it up and bring my knee in, and I'm going to come underneath his head and put my knee in here, like this, like that. Pull your arm now, Chad? See, it's trapped. Okay. See that? That's the position. The knee is here, and I'm here, cupping like this. This is where we start. Okay. One more time. We're here, in, under. Okay. Now Chad is going to take over and teach this move.

Okay, start in the scarf position. Now let's come right here, single. Arm control, bringing the arm up, staying very tight to the hips, here, to the armpit. And come into that, very similar to that snake control from that post guard, as used just as the triangle. Very similar, right up to here. Now, what's also very good about this move is it makes it very difficult for my opponent to bridge and to pull my mouth. Now, my target is to establish some type of arm control here. I can possibly threaten with a kimura, and the most immediate reaction - my opponent starts trying to hide the hand and protect it, like so. So, he's like no, I don't want you to get the kimura. While holding the arm, I'm going to bring this leg - that's my right leg this case - it's going to step over the arm. And now, I'm going to shift my weight forward as I slide the leg under the head and lock up my triangle. As you noticed, the arm went in front of me. I can also engage this arm bar. But I also have my choke, most importantly.

Okay, let's do that one more time. Scarf. Triangle with this under control, under the head. Start threatening a kimura while maintaining control. He blocks, I bring my leg over. And now, as I slide my leg under, jump my knee down, I learn forward and get the arm right in front of me as I lock up my triangle. I can finish the submission, but I also have the choke. And that is a combination between top triangle.

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