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How to Do a Crucifix Omoplata MMA Submission

Learn how to do a crucifix omoplata MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


Hi guys. Now I'm going to go over some old, classic variations, when you're having trouble finishing. I'm going to show a couple of details. We showed two setups. Most have the Rubber guard setup. Let's go to our setups. We break them down into this position. I like to call this position the sandwich, because that's the tradition. I put my foot in front of the space, and I like to push my foot up. And I call this, Athlete's Foot to the Face. It's kind of funny. Think of it this way. Toe up, that allows me to kick through and come up very strongly. But if I can't get to this position, I get stuck back here. This is good but a lot of times he'll come up real strong and I'll be here. This is not such a great place to be. Okay? That's losing position so I take my hand, I put it on his waist, and I hit back, hit back, hit back. I want to grab his arm when I can. And immediately, watch Chad's face, I put my elbow in his back, not front. It should be very painful. Holding this arm or the elbow, making sure it can't come out, keep turning into him, and the knee comes out.

A lot of times he'll even fall over, I'll roll right here, and again we finish. And that's the Crucifix Omaplata. Let's go over it again. Let's show it from that same setup, or you could do it from any setup. Same thing from the Rubber guard setup. Okay, we're here, where maybe on the Rubber guard, we might come here, over here, and I'm going to flex my foot and turn his head away from me. And I kick. That'll help him come up into here. But, he came up here. He postured. Grab his hip. Hit back. Once I counter, grab here. I grab here and put my elbow in his back, make him feel a lot of pain. Keep turning and hit back. I try and knock him over as I can. If I can't, he comes up, I can go here and put my foot underneath here and stretch. One more time, let's go through the whole thing. And that's the Crucifix Omaplata finish.

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