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How to Do a Rolling Arm Bar from Guard MMA Submission

Learn how to do a rolling arm bar from guard MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right guys, we're going to do a Yatskevich arm bar. This is an arm bar that Yatskevich, a judo player, invented. He does it from the turtle position, which we'll show in another video. But this one is done from the guard, all right? I really like this move and Chad is very good at it, so Chad is going to be kind enough to show it to us today.

Okay, so start in a post guard position. Now as I was mentioning before, a good way to start this move is getting a single under control. This can be done - as I was mentioning before - through a wrap guard. So, if we're fighting, I get in under, and pinch right tight here. Now, using my feet, either bracing my opponent or on the floor, I would hit this escape away from my opponent, so I get the angle. And I want to go into a sandwich position as I bring it up to my neck, my leg comes up on my opponent's leg in this control.

Okay, now, of course I can tap here. If my opponent escapes, however, like so, I'm going to catch the arm, and I'm going to keep my legs tight but bring my knee next to my opponent's head along with my head down like so. And now, with this foot, I'm going to apply a downward pressure - almost like a kick - and I'm going to roll to my other side. As I do the roll, I also want to make sure that I catch my opponent's leg while bringing my leg over my opponent's head. Hand control, come over, and sit.

All right, so one more time. So, closed guard, get in this single, under control, I'm going to hip escape to the side and move into my sandwich with this inverted arm lock, right here. Now my opponent escapes, I follow the arm, bringing this deep down, and basing on the top of my head - on my hairline. And now, as I roll, I want to catch my opponent's my opponent with my leg. If my opponent stays here and does not roll over with me, I can always finish the arm bar right here. Okay? But if he rolls, I'm going to start putting pressure on his head, he's going to roll with me, and I catch the leg, come over, catch the hand, and apply my submission. That is a Yatskevich arm bar.

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