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How to Do a Peruvian Necktie MMA Submission

Learn how to do a Peruvian necktie MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


Rene Dreyfus: All right, guys. Chad is going to demonstrate another move that you can do off the head and arm control that was popularized by Tony D'Souza, the Peruvian necktie.

Chad Hernandez: Okay. So let's start again from that sprawl position. He engages me, and I sprawl. Now as we said before, we have two options. We have the guillotine, and the. But just like the anaconda, our grip's going to be slightly different. It's going to be a harness grip.

Okay. So with this head and arm control, right here the arm that's touching his neck makes a fist. The hand that comes over his armpit grabs my wrist. Okay. That's the harness control. Now , my opponents going to pop my legs. I want to get the leg over his head first. So then this gives me my right leg. That's one. And I'm going to sit down. Now depending on your flexibility, you have two options. If you're a bit flexible, you can bring the leg over the body here and squeeze right there. Option number two is simply going over your opponent's leg. And submission. That's it. Okay.

Let's do it one more time. So sprawl. Get his harness grip on the head and arm control. Face up on your feet. Step over first. Sit down and let's catch either the leg or the back. It doesn't matter, and then apply pressure with your legs and your arms. And you have a finish. A choke there from. That's your Peruvian necktie from turtle.

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