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How to Do a Twister Lock MMA Submission

Learn how to do a twister lock MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right, guys. Now Chad showed an entry to the truck from the turtle. And now we're going to do that same truck entry into the twister. But there's also a number of variations, a number of ways to get into twister. I'm going to show you two, one from the truck from turtle, and then another one from when we're on the back take and we can't finish the choke. Okay. Two really good entries into the twister control. All right. This is all popularized by Eddie Bravo, who's really brought a lot of interesting and innovative moves into Jiu-Jitsu. All right. So first I'm attacking the turtle like Chad said. Right. And I want to take the back flip. I can't get my harness. That's usually when I go, when he's tight, you know, I can't get my harness. So I go here. I'm going for all these locks here.

But I'm going to go for that two in one, where here I can roll here like this, any of these grips here. I prefer this grip. Chad prefers this. Okay. It doesn't matter as long as you roll here. You roll this way. Sometimes you can even roll forward that way. But for today, we'll just keep it simple. Roll this way. I have the banana split. Now as he's fighting this banana split, look what he did. He exposed his arm, and I put that elbow right in his back. Now I hold like this grip, tight, and I bring it around my head, and I do this control. Lock down here. Finish it right there. Okay. Now this is a neck crank, so be very careful when you do it. One more time.

All right. I'm here. Leg in. Grab. Sit. Okay. I have my lock down. There's my control. Boom. I have this. I bring it behind my head, wrist grip, boom. Now as I said, this is very dangerous. Sometimes you don't want to go to the twister neck crank, but you could use this same entry. I'm going to hide this elbow here. There's attack. I'm going to bring my leg over to the full back control. And there's the choke. Okay. Now guess what? We have an entry not just from the turtle, but from the regular back take. Now watch. I have his harness. I'm here on the back. I'm here, and he's fighting my choke. He's fighting my choke. He's fighting my choke. I take my knee, and I bump him into this position. I pull my arm out. I'm controlling this. And I start controlling this guy. Right. Now right here, and I finish. Okay. One more time. I'm on the back. We're right here. He's fighting. He's fighting the choke.

Bump him with your knee. Get the lock down. Come around. Boom. Also you can enter into banana split. Full lock. So two entries to the truck, one from the turtle, one from the back attack.

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