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How to Do Accelerator Head & Arm Choke MMA Submission

Learn how to do an accelerator head and arm choke MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right we're going to do a move in this gym that we call the accelerator. Honestly, I haven't seen too many other people do it, and it's an entry that I learned watching Erik Paulson and Tsuyoshi Kosaka do. Those are two of the old-school fighters. They have a really good entry. In this gym, we call it the Erik Paulson move, because Erik Paulson was a master grappler, and he was one of the first to kind of break out these interesting positions. Okay. So it starts out like that spin around Brabo move that we just did. Okay. From scarf. So I'm in scarf, and I sat to do that Brabo move. But instead I don't bring my arm underneath his head. I just put my knee here, put my elbow here, and sit right here. Okay. See, I'm facing the opposite direction. Now I move, move, move. Look at his head, how his arm is stuck here. This is very good for north-south choke or whatever, but I'm just going to keep spinning around, and I wind up on this side. Now look how my arm now is blocking. So you see the whole time this arm is stuck here. Okay. And I reach around his head.

Okay. And I can just mount and get right here. Okay. That's good. That's not a submission, but it's a great control. It's also great for MMA. Right here. Wonderful. But we also have some really cool submissions here. All right. the Erik Paulson, that control, that spin around to Erik Paulson control, we call it around the world, because you go all the way around. Okay. All right. Here, boom. Spin around. I'm going to block his arm from moving. Now I can either mount him or bring my hand underneath his head. If I bring my hand underneath here, this is the Erik Paulson control, and I lock my hands. Okay. Now what am I going to do here? If you have long arms, you're going to go like this, and you're going to sit into him. And just keep walking. And here. Watch this. I'm not going to even use my hands.

See that? It's not about arm squeezing. It's about driving your hips forward. Okay. One more time. Boom. Boom. I can mount him, but now I bring my hand underneath his head, lock up, this grip, kick through. Just keep walking. If he doesn't tap, you just mount him. And you're right there. So you don't lose. So never burn your arms out. And that's the Erik Paulson control to that submission which we call the accelerator.

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