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How to Do a North-South Choke MMA Submission

Learn how to do a north-south choke MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right, guys. Now we're going to go over the north-south choke. Now I've been very fortunate to study under Marcel Garcia for a little while, and also my instructor Lucas. Both have some beautiful entries to north-south chokes. I want to show you a couple of details that really can make the difference between submitting a guy or not. All right. So we're going to do that same spin around move that we just did in the other video.

Okay. Let me demonstrate it first. Side control, boom, boom, reach around, and notice I have his arm trapped. I'm going to start spinning, and he doesn't like it. Right. Now start fighting, Chad. I rotate. Look at my hand, guys. No hands. See. I did a one arm north-south choke. Now how could I do that? The idea is not the squeeze. It's the rotation and the drop. Just like Chad discussed when he was doing the arm triangle, it's all about relaxing and dripping your weight and rotating. Okay. Now how am I going to set up? First, I need to make sure his arms are not in the way. If I go for the arm triangle and his arms are in the way, he just pushes me up, and it's over. Okay. Marcel Garcia is very good at talking about his, how you nullify the hands. All right.

So what I like to do is I like to put this hand here. Now how many hands does he have free? None. And this hand is here. I start getting it in, and if he doesn't do anything here, I'm going to have that Brabo choke. Okay. So I'm going to let him pull his arm out. I drop. Now he's going to try to tap me with his hand. Okay. But guys, he can't attack me with this hand. Why? Because it's underneath my armpit. Go. Attack me with this hand. No hands. Now I drop. See. No hands. And I want to be able to finish him just with my rotation, like that. If I can't, I can lock my hands, palm down. And very often I like to do what a lot of top fighters are doing, is I'll wrap around this arm, arm in, north-south choke. Okay. That will take that hand away. So here if you look, I have this here. Now this is my instructor Lucas's variation. He'll lean on you, on your head, and shift this way. See I'm shifting.

And now, Chad try and push my head up. Okay. And if he gets it in, if he starts pushing my head up, I just push it down. I go back and rotate. Okay. It's all about clearing those hands, and one way to clear those hands is the arm in north-south. Being able to tap him with one hand is critical. Okay. And that's a north-south choke.

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