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How to Do a Toe Hold MMA Submission

Learn how to do a toe hold MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


So let's discuss and go over three variations on toe hold. Let's go over one. This is our first one, while I'm attempting a guard pass. So I'm engaging up in guard, and let's say my opponent has an open deliheba guard here.

Now what I can do is I can first start everything off, but make sure that I have the control, particularly with this guy here. So if it's really engaged me, I could do a thing called and Elvis. Get control here. My heel is off the floor. And I tug to unlock the grip, and I step back.

Now I can work a back step. Of course, he's going to follow and engage me. That's when he's going to see here I engage my toe hold. Now with all three variations I'm going to show you, the toe hold is simply holding the toe. So grab it here, coming over, grab my wrist. I'm going to do a roll, and he's going to follow me, because he's holding into my leg. And I'm going to apply the submission.

I can even lock my legs hereto make sure he doesn't go anywhere, and I fold the toes to my opponent's butt, as I move forward as well, too. Okay. So one more time. He'll try to pass a guard. I unlock the hook. Back step. Catch. Roll. Pull, and I fold it.

Number two, let's start from side control. So from here, this especially works well maybe when your opponent's constantly pushing me up, and he's not letting me set down. So I go into a reverse knee on belly, facing the legs. Now as you see where I'm going from here, I immediately engage the toes here, and I apply the submission, again folding down to my opponent. Okay. One more time. Reverse knee to belly. Turn and toe.

Okay. Our last variation is going to be off of the oma plata, working any of the steps that you want. So let's do a get the guard set up. Over here, hip escape. Go into a sandwich. I can use a chill dog, up here, face. Come up. And from here, especially because up here they can't come up, I can engage the leg that's closest to me. So I'm going to just hit the side a little bit and come up to my torso. And same thing. Grabbing the toes and folding the foot towards my opponent.

All right. So one more time. Here, and I face my opponent. And I grab the foot. And again, grabbing the toes, fold to your opponent. And those are three variations of how to apply a toe hold.

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