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How to Do a Wrist Lock MMA Submission

Learn how to do a wrist lock MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


Speaker 1: All right guys. Now, we're going to talk about Wrist Locks, and one of my all time favorite moves.

A lot of people think Wrist Locks are cheap.

First of all, a submission is a submission. I'd like to see someone punch you with a broken wrist.

Second, they can't defend the chokes and the arm bars if their wrist is broken. All right? So just because I broke the wrist doesn't mean I'm going to stop the fight. I can break their wrist, then their elbow, and choke them out.

So Wrist Lock is not cheap. It's a great submission.

All right. Let's talk about my first position.

Hop up.

Okay. Now, I'm trying to finish the arm.

Just straighten your legs a little bit.

I'm trying to finish the Arm Bar. Trying to finish the Arm Bar. He's locking up. I'm hunting up to his wrist. I grab here, and I chop his wrist this way, grabbing here and push my body in.

So look at this position. It's doing this. That's the Wrist Lock I want. Right like that. Okay?

So he's locking up. Right. And don't let go. Here, here, boom, crossing my feet, and he taps.

Now, resist it, resist is. So you resist, it gives me the Arm Bar. Right? So either way he loses.

I can also re-hunt and go the other way. So I can go this way or re-hunt and go this way.

Don't let go.

Right. Okay?

Now, if he's controlling his...want to do the pretzel? Pretzel here, right? Sometimes I can just come to this. And pull. See how his arm is trapped here?

There. Beautiful.

Now, the same thing from the Arm Bar and the Guard. Okay?

A lot of times, I'll set up the Arm Bar. Right? Okay? So I'm here, broke his posture, high guard, all right now I'm here. And look at his wrist. He's fighting that Arm Bar. He's fighting Arm Bar, I push down here...

Speaker 2: Tap.

Speaker 1: Right. Or I'm over here and he's defending the Arm Bar.

Speaker 2: Tap. Tap.

Speaker 1: Wrist Locks are everywhere. Another one. One of my favorites. Okay? I'm going for the Kimora. I'm going for the Kimora, home, he grabs his thigh. Okay? I push.

Speaker 2: Tap.

Speaker 1: Good. Just, again, it's like this. Push here.

Speaker 2: Tap.

Speaker 1: Wrist Lock. Excellent, excellent move. Almost everyone, once you understand that you're just doing this, you can do it from almost anywhere. Right?

Understand the principle rather than one position because they're everywhere.

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