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How to Do a Bicep Slicer MMA Submission

Learn how to do a bicep slicer MMA submission from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast video.


All right, now I'm going to talk about Bicep Slicers.

Now, I'm going to show one that I actually don't like that's good for sport competition but terrible for MMA. But then I'm going to show one that I really like that works in a lot of different positions.

Okay. So one of the most common is this bicep slicer. I'm in open guard and I put my foot here. Okay? I put my foot here. I lock my triangle. Right here. And I let him pass. I let him pass. And he thinks he's okay. I put my hands here and I finish.

Now, it's fine for sport, but imagine if this were an MMA fight. I'd put my hands here and he just punched me in the face.

Okay? So, I'm not a real fan of that move unless you're goal is just sport competition.

But the one I really do like is off of defense of the triangle called the Duda. Okay?

So, I'm here, and he's trying to defend the triangle by pushing up. See what he's trying to do is this. Okay?

And I need his hand to come here. Sometimes it wont, it will be out here.

Put your hand here, grab your hands.

It will be like that. So, when I do this, I'm going to just push his hand in and bring my hand here. Now, I grab my foot as if I'm doing an Oma Plata, and I lock a triangle here.

Now, I turn my fist. Turn my fist this way, and sweep. Right? Just like that.

Just like that. That's a Bicep Slicer from that position.


So here, here, he's fighting, he's fighting, it's inside, right? I grab my foot, bring it over, turn my wrist, and go. Pull and squeeze. And I like to lift my hips as I do it.

Now, just say it can happen, it can happen that guys really resist. What I do is I go here, do the On Drag, and I just take his back. Okay? I can also sweep and do that.

Another Slicer that I like very much, okay, is here. All right?

Let me go and on to the floor.

We're back in the Arm Bar position. Okay?

And he's fighting, and he's fighting and he brings his arm down like this, and he's grabbing. Okay? So what I do is I bring this arm in, grab my foot, bring this foot over, lock the triangle and squeeze.

Now, if he doesn't tap here, that's okay. If he doesn't tap, all right, again , I take my hand out, and I take his back. Okay?

So those are some Slicers that I really like.

Again, it's just riding that triangle and pulling your arm right in the crook of his arm. Right?

Those are some Slicers I like. Hope you can find them useful.

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