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How to Hit a Split

Learn how to hit a split from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


How do you handle splits? When you're left with a split, sometimes people panic, and they figure they can't make them. But most splits are pretty much a harder spare to make. And to align yourself for the split is not much different than a regular spare. There's more risk, and obviously it's a little harder to make, but you can definitely make them, or at least make a good attempt if you use the methods of your spare shots, the three-six-nine method, or at least align yourself up with a certain part of the spare. In a split you have different pins you look at. You can look at the left side, the right side of the pin, a little bit earlier on the lane.

You could look at a different angle. There's different ways of actually making a split, or at least attempting to make one. For the six-seven-ten split that we have here, the best way of approaching that is to basically go for a ten pin. You're going to line yourself up with the ten pin and allow the ball to just get the corner of the six pen and slide it over to the seven. So in other words, approaching a split is not much different than making a spare. When approaching a split, especially a six-seven-ten split, you're going to line yourself up the same way you would for ten pin.

Your body's going to be aligned up with the ten pin spare, but you're going to be looking on the right side of the six pin in order to slide that six pin over to the seven pin and complete the spare. For that particular spare, or split, that's one out of a thousand shots for an average bowler. That's something that you approach very often if you're a competitive bowler, but as a recreational bowler, you may see that once in a while. But to make it, that's one in a thousand. By how I made that, I approached the lane as if I was making a spare, going for a ten pin and using my visual aid to basically line myself up with the right side of the six pin in order to clip that pin across the lane while still making the ten pin. That's how you make the six-seven-ten split, and that's how you handle any split.

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