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How to Choose a Bowling Ball

Learn how to pick a bowling ball from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


Mike D'Ambrosio:How to choose the right bowling ball. You have many different styles, many different colors, many different textures and many different dynamics. For a beginner you choose a plastic ball to get into the game, to learn about it, to learn how to throw the ball properly, and then you go from there. As you advance you have different materials. You have plastic, resin, urethane; each one has a different purpose and also a different dynamic. When you get to the next level you're going to choose the different ball for its actual dynamic and cover.

For a child you want to go with a plastic ball that has a little bit lighter weight that is more attainable for the person, or the child's strength and size. As you advance you are going to go to a different level of not only core, that's inside the ball, but cover. You have different dynamics, different purposes, different levels of reaction, and also for the level of the bowler, you want to match up to the right weight. The right weight would definitely be the most crucial thing for the sake of not hurting yourself, throwing the ball the proper way and also to get more out of the bowling ball. That's how you chose the right ball.

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