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How to Be Fitted for a Bowling Ball

Learn how to be fitted for a bowling ball from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


How to get fitted for the right bowling ball. The fit is crucial. Your hand must be relaxed. At the same time, it must be properly sized and measured in order to be able to throw the ball the proper way and create the dynamic that you want to for your purpose. Everyone has a different size, shape, flexibility, and strength. And it makes a big difference on how the ball is fitted in order to perform properly. You have fingertip. You have conventional.

You have fingertip. Each one will fit a different purpose, and also a different type of hand. A person that has a large hand, a small hand, or thin, or a little bit larger, it's going to make a big difference in how you fit. Also, we have different fitting techniques to help you perform also, be it the pitch, the span, and also the accessories that you can use to help you feel comfortable throwing the ball. It's very important to have the person fit not only the size but also the flexibility, the person's flexibility of their fingers, their thumb. You want to make sure it's comfortable. At the same time, you're not going to get caught up in the ball, because you are going to swell. And you may shrink, depending on the weather and depending on the person's body.

Also you have to make sure that when you do fit somebody, you should be able to be relaxed and not be struggling to hold onto the ball. You want it to be snug, but at the same time you want it to be loose enough to come off and also let the ball down the lane the proper way. A person's hand is crucial to get the proper fit. A ball driller should be able to not only determine the flexibility and the size and the strength of the person's hand to properly fit a bowling ball. You have the flexibility of the fingers, the elasticity and also the length and size. The is the same point. The flexibility, the size, and the lateral movement makes a big difference on how you're going to fit the ball in order to get out of the ball properly. When holding a ball, you have to make sure that not only the tension is taut, but it's also relaxed.

There's a fine line between being too strong of a grip and not enough grip. Properly fitting a ball, you're hand should be submerged in the ball and also with a little tension. Your fingers actually give yourself a little bit of leverage for holding the ball. So it's very important that that thumb and the fingers are fit properly in order to hold the ball and release it at the same time. The proper fit of a bowling ball to a person and player is very crucial, and that's how you get the proper fit.

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