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What Are Bowling Ball Finger Inserts?

Learn about bowling ball finger inserts from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


Using and choosing a proper finger insert. It's very important to choose the right insert, mainly because it has to do with your grip, and how you release the ball. Mainly for or fingertip grip, you use the finger grips that has some sort of texture, and also shape. There are many variations of a finger grip or insert.

You have a semi-fingertip, or a semi-nub, you also have an oval or a tip that actually creates a lift and some feel when releasing the ball. Depending on the shape of your hand or the size of your hand, you're going to choose the different shape and also size properly fitted for your hand. When inserting the grips, you want to make sure that they are flat on the ball, and also snug to the point where you're not going to get stuck, at the same time you're going to get some kind of feel to relax your hand. It's also good for creating less friction against your fingers over time.

There are different techniques of using inserts, you also have a vacu-grip, you have a straight drill insert cut for the bowling ball, which allows you to feel the ball more, and also allow for swelling, and also change of size, depending on what kind of bowler you are. If you bowl a lot, and also the weather also changes your size, and that could make a big difference on how you release the ball. Choosing a finger grip will actually help you create less friction against the ball, it will actually give you more comfort, and also longevity and how many games you can bowl, and also if the shape of your fingers, you'll match up better for your feel and release.

And that's how you choose the right inserts for your bowling ball.

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