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How to Pick Bowling Shoes

Learn how to pick bowling shoes from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


How to choose the right bowling shoes for your game. You have beginner's shoes, advanced shoes, you have different sizes, different shapes, different styles. There are many to choose from, but to get the right one is very important.

For a child, a beginner, or an average bowler, you have a shoe that has a slightly different sole. You have a flat sole, less of a heel to kind of slide easily into the foul line without any kind of instability. As you get to the next level, you have shoes that not only are little more dynamic, but you also have a different level of either width or shape, and also you have different soles and heels. You have velcro heels, velcro soles, to choose what kind of slide pattern, and how much slide you want to create for your game. Not only do you have a style factor, you also have a dynamic. The reason to choose a shoe that has multiple soles or heels is for a couple different reasons. You have, one, everybody has a different pressure on sliding into the foul line. You also have different style bowler, that will have more or less slide.

To combat this synthetic approaches, or wood approaches, you can combat them by having a different sole, more length, less length, and changing the mechanic of the shoe itself. Choosing a certain sole, a certain heel, that will stop and change the mechanism actually on the shoe itself, to make sure you don't slide too far over the foul line. First thing you're shoes, choosing your own shoes, not only the value, but the cost factor of how much you bowl. You can spend a lot of money on using house shoes, than having your own shoes.

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