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How to Pick the Right Bowling Ball Coverstock

Learn how to pick the right bowling ball coverstock from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


Did you know that there are different cover stocks to each bowling ball and a cover stock means the the surface of the ball itself, and the texture, and what it's made of. There are many different choices and different purposes for the cover stock, the texture, to match your kind of game. For the shinier ball, that's suitable for somebody that throws the ball a little bit slower speed, more medium speed, that has a little bit less rotation.

You have a harder shell and you also have a polished factory finish that you can actually use to get the ball down the lane a little bit easier. When you go to a hybrid cover, it's more for control, it's more for an average rotation, an average speed. You have a little more control down the lane and also with the break of the ball going to the pocket. If you come across a little more oil down the lane and you need to create a little more friction, you're gonna go with a more softer porish finish of a cover. Maybe a slight dull or slight finish.

You can actually change the texture with a sanding pad or some kind of or Scotch Brite pad. So you can dictate the amount of hook and when the ball hooks just by changing the cover itself, and those are some of the choices of cover stocks suitable for your game.

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