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How to Understand the Drilling Layouts on a Bowling Ball

Learn how to understand the drilling layouts on a bowling ball from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


Understanding proper layout for your ball to suit your kind of rotation and your game is very important to determine that when you go see your pro shop operator. You have different dynamics, and you also have different layouts to suit your rotation, your speed, and your purpose for having that type of ball.

You have three different points of a ball. You have the top of the weight block, the shape that's inside. It's called the pin. You have your center of gravity, which is the static weight in the ball, that's located just below that, below your pin. Then you have the mass bias, which is the mass of the actual weight block inside that will dictate that will dictate the type of roll that the ball will have. You have the pin that will dictate the length. You have the center of gravity that will dictate the static weight. Then you have the mass bias that will dictate the roll and the finishing dynamic hanging towards the pocket.

To determine the proper layout, your pro shop operator will determine what layout will be suitable for your game, your rotation, your speed, and will pick out a product with the proper pin, mass bias, and also center of gravity to suit your reaction. Depending on the way you place, the pin and the other two points will determine not only the reaction of the ball, but it will enhance the dynamic of the ball is built for. And your speed obviously will be a factor. Your rotation and your tilt will give you also a determination on where everything will be placed on the ball. To get the proper layout on a bowling ball, go see a certified pro shop operator. That's how you understand the layouts of a bowling ball.

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