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How to Increase Bowling Ball Speed

Learn how to increase bowling ball speed from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


How do you increase ball speed? One of the ways you increase ball speed is where you hold the ball in your approach. In your stance, before you start your approach, you can hold the ball a little higher, a little lower, and that will determine the speed factor. If you hold the ball a little lower, you can get some more speed on it, because you'll have more of your legs involved. If you hold the ball up higher, you may get a little more rotation on it, but you'll slow the speed down because you have a different approach going to the foul line. By holding the ball up a little higher, you do get a little more weight being pulled down by gravity, so you will get a little more of a swing.

But also you gain more rotation on the downswing. By holding the ball a little lower, you do have more of your body behind the ball, and you will get a little bit more push down the lane, and you create some rotation, but you get more speed than rotation. Another way of gaining speed on the ball is incorporating your legs. Your legs will actually determine the speed of the ball going down the lane. A quicker pace, a slower pace, longer steps, shorter steps will give you a little bit more of a pace, and it will create more momentum down the lane.

One of the reasons why you increase speed is to combat the conditions on the lane. If the lanes are a little drier, you may need more speed to get the ball down the lane so it performs properly. To slow down the speed will be more of a reason for a little heavier oil condition and to create some earlier reaction on the lane to decrease the ball speed. There are many ways to increase your speed. Using the ball height, using your legs will incorporate your body a little bit more, and it will create some speed down the lane. It depends on your style and purpose. And that's how you increase your ball speed.

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