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How to Improve Your Bowling Footwork

Learn how to improve your footwork from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


How you improve your footwork? A few different ways. First thing is to have proper balance and to be centered. The next thing is to allow yourself to have a natural walking pace to the foul line and having a more of a moment some created by just by yourself positioning forward and allowing yourself to go for with the motion to help the inertia. Also, you want to make sure that the ball is properly in place and you have no resistance so you're allowing yourself to go and a four motion. Proper footwork is determined by not only the balance, but also the way you're standing on the approach. You want to make sure you have the right distance and the right amount of stride to your steps. If you go too long of the step or two short of a step you're definitely going to throw off your balance and you're going to flatten out yourself which is going to take away from your momentum.

So by getting to the foul line properly with the right steps you're going to make sure you have a good release and get more out of earshot. With the proper footwork you're not only going to be able to get to the foul line in the right manner, but you're going to be able to have the proper slide. The proper slide is going to determine on how you start with your first step and continue to the foul line. When you take your first few steps going to the foul line, your moment some is going to be carried and you're going to slide into your last step. When that's created you're going to create that moment some with the ball and you're going to create the release off your hand which means you're going to go all of the energy into the ball down the lane and not stop yourself and pull back and take away from the energy of the ball. By having a proper footwork when you get the last few steps you're going to be able to create that slide and release which is going to help you get the ball down the lane and perform the way the ball is supposed to.

Everybody's style is different. You have four steps, five steps, sometimes six steps approach. It depends on your style and also your size, your height and also if you throw the ball a certain way, a certain style. So by getting to the foul line by having the proper steps you're going to make sure that you're not only going in the right direction, but your steps are more natural by pushing into the foul line. The importance for slide is to allow your arms when you come down with the ball and to meet at the foul line to create leverage and also to help the momentum going forward down the lane by allowing yourself to go forward and having a good slide, you're pushing the next to last step into the foul line. You're going to get the ball off of your hand properly and you're going to get a speed and help your rotation. And that's how you get there proper footwork.

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