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How to Improve Your Bowling Approach

Learn how to improve your approach from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


Having proper approach is determined by your size, your strength, your stride, and also how many steps you want to take that's more comfortable for you. When you have a full approach, you gain momentum. You're going to create a little more speed. And you're going to have a lot less effort put into the shot than you're actually, physically trying to do. So when you have the proper approach, you have to determine how many steps you're going to take. It all depends on what's comfortable in timing. It also determines where your perspective is of the lane, how tall you are, how short you are, and also where you're going to be starting from your actual approach. So when you have the proper approach, you're going to create a much better shot, much less effort put into the bowling aspect of it, which will create a little more comfort. To form the proper approach, the whole key is creating momentum.

You want to start off by taking your first step and helping yourself almost fall forward, in a sense that you're going to help the push behind the ball. This way your body's behind the ball. You create less effort, and you have less tension on your body. By taking more steps, sometimes it does help your approach, because you have a little more generation of speed. But it depends on your body type and also your comfort zone. Four-step approach is what we teach generally to beginners and advanced, but there are five and six-step approaches that will create some momentum, some comfort, and it also can help in the rotation, too.

When you have the proper approach, it's going to help you create the proper finish. You're going to have better leverage. You're going to have a better finish position, which in turn is going to help you not only be more consistent with your release, but you're going to perform overall at a much higher level. by having a proper approach, not only are you going to get a higher performance level, but you're also going to take a lot of energy and a lot of stress off your body to be able to perform at the higher level.

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