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How to Improve Your Bowling Timing

Learn how to improve your timing from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


Having the proper timing is crucial to creating a good approach. Your timing is based on where your ball is positioned and when the ball gets put in motion. When the ball gets put in motion at the right time you're not only going to create a lot of momentum but you're going to create a much more natural physical approach. Having proper timing is going to allow you to throw the ball not only properly but also a little easier on your body. By placing the ball in the proper position and standing in the right distance on the approach is going to allow for good timing which is going to help you get out of the ball clean and also get the ball down the lane the way you want to.

Depending on if you have four steps, five steps or even six steps in your approach is going to determine when the ball gets put in motion. Although the ball gets put in motion pretty close to the same time its the ball position that actually determines the comfort of it. When you put the ball in place at the beginning of your stance and the ball is placed in motion it has to be just following that first step on a force of approach. It's a very tight timing. When you have five steps you're going to put the ball into almost the second position on the second step which will create a little more momentum. So the force of approach you're going to have the ball almost starting with the right leg or left leg if your a lefty almost in time with the step. You're going to put the ball in motion with the first step. On the five step approach because you have one extra step you're going to take a full step and the balls going to follow your second step. You're going to have your first step, second step, and the balls going to follow right after that second step. That's going to create not only a loose swing but it's also going to have a little easier motion going to the foul line and it'll prevent you from grabbing the ball or trying to help the ball down the lane.

When you have the proper timing, the game will not only be a little easier on your body but you'll feel like you have a lot less effort to be able to perform on a regular basis. The proper timing of releasing the ball when you get to the foul line you're just going to trail your left leg if your right handed out of your hand. In other words you don't want to be simultaneously there cause you will lose leverage. So you want your left leg to get there slightly earlier than the ball coming down so you have proper leverage of balance. The weight of the ball on the downswing. When you're entering the last step and a half in your approach by creating some momentum, with the right timing the ball will actually be in a backswing as you're entering your last leg or you're slide step.

When you're slide step is in position, you're arm swing with the ball will come down and as your left leg is almost stopping with the momentum, your right arm is going to actually come through just after your left leg stops. So in other words your going to have that slight timing of your body getting there and then the ball kind of trailing so you have proper leverage of balance. And that's how you improve your timing.

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