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How to Have Good Follow-Through in Bowling

Learn how to have good follow-through from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


How to have the proper follow-through.

It's so important to finish out your shot; it's the ending of your approach. By having the proper approach, it will create a better follow-through. Follow-through has to do with not only momentum but also your perspective and your visual. By having the right target and keeping your eyes on the target long enough, your follow-through will come out pretty natural. But the idea is you want to make sure that you follow the ball down the lane, not by watching the ball but by actually allowing the inertia and the motion to go down the lane. When you enter the foul line, you're entering the foul line by your proper approach, but you want to break through the foul line.

You don't want to stop at the foul line like a wall. You want to break through it. This way, your follow-through is long, it's natural, and you're following the ball itself down the lane, which is going to help your process: the rotation, the speed, and also the reaction -- the end result of the ball. When you have the proper approach, it's going to translate into the proper follow-through. When having the proper follow-through, not only do you allow the natural process of the ball you have in your hand to come through, but you're also going to accelerate the speed of the ball, create rotation, and you're going to create a lot more of an action when the ball hits the pins. And that's the example of a good follow-through.

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