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How to Create Leverage in Bowling

Learn how to create leverage in bowling from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


Creating proper leverage is so important. It's going to allow you to have not only the right approach going to the foul line but also to take control of the bowling ball and have a much easier time getting the ball down the lane.

You have a weight in your hand. This is actually a resistance for your overall approach. So to have this ball in the proper position is going to create better leverage and is also going to help you get down to the foul line the proper way. When holding the ball, you want to make sure the ball is not too far away from your body or not too close. You want it in a comfortable position. You don't want it too far left, too far right; you want it more on your shoulder line. What that does is it allows you to have a clear path for your arm swinging next to your body, and also it creates the center of gravity to be not so far away from the center of your body.

So in other words, when you put the ball in position, if you put the ball in the middle of your body -- which you can do for certain angles, but not for a regular position -- you actually have to go around your body, which creates the weight of the ball to go outside, away from your body, which is going to create tension in your hand, which means you're going to pull the ball. By putting the ball in a position that's a little bit closer to your shoulder line, not outside your body and not too far inside your body, you create a clear path, good leverage, your head will be over the ball more, and it will transfer weight to your left leg. That will create perfect leverage.

In your stance, the ball needs to be proper position, your head has to be over the ball, your legs will be relaxed. When you get the ball in position, proper pushaway, the ball will be in position. By having the ball in the right position, you're also going to have -- it's going to create good balance, and you're going to have a strong position at the foul line. That's how you create good leverage.

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