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How to Align Your Body to Your Target in Bowling

Learn how to align your body to your target in bowling from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


How do you align your body to your target? It's so important to have your body in a right position towards your target to create the line of attack to the pocket. You not only have to be in the right position, but you have to have the right balance, too. And the balance comes from having the right position towards your target. Your body has to be facing not only your target, but the depth of the lane. Your shoulders and your arm swing have to be a 90 degree angle as you're perpendicular to your target. So in other words, you have the foul line in front of you, you're not going to necessarily be focused on the foul line, but you're focused on the line that you are seeing down the lane, which is an imaginary line for your targets. Your position's going to be forward towards your target line, which means your chest, your hips and your shoulders are going to be facing a target.

If you're playing a wide angle, or an angle going across the lane, your body's going to be facing that way. If you're playing a straighter line down a lane, you're going to be more flush with that target. In other words, your shoulder's and hip's going to be more towards the foul line itself. So as you move left or right, your body's going to go with the angle, and it's going to be facing your target. So if I'm playing way left, going across lane for a 10 pin or for a big angle of a hook, my body's going to be facing that direction.

My arm swing's going to be a 90 degree angle, heading towards that position, and it's going to create the angle from your swing. If you move to your right, and you're playing a straighter angle, you're definitely going to have your body in a different position. You'll be more lined up with the foul line, but you're still aligning yourself with your target. When you're playing an extreme angle, playing more left, your body's going to be open to that side that you're looking at. If you're right handed, you're going to be open to the right side. Even though you're going to be walking straight, your body's going to be tilted, and angled towards your target. And your arm swing is going to be perpendicular to your shoulder line.

When you're playing in a straighter line, more up the lane, you're going to be playing more to the right side, you're going to be more square to your target. Even though it's still facing a 90 degree angle, you may be more parallel to the lane itself. When playing a wide angle, you're going to have your body open to the lane. Going to the foul line, your body will be open, to the right, creating a 90 degree angle with your shoulders and your arm swing. That's how you align yourself with your target.

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