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How to Shoot a 10 Pin / Bowl a Strike

Learn how to shoot a 10 pin and bowl a strike from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


Strikes in bowling. Putting strikes together is going to give you a great game. The proper way of making a strike is the ball entering the pocket at a certain angle. When the ball is being thrown down the lane, that ball has to be perpendicular to that pocket angle. That's going to create pin action, and the ball's going to travel through the pins creating a great shot, and you're going to get a strike. Lane conditions, ball speed, rotation, and angle, that ball is going to be placed in the pocked in a certain position. The perfect position is determined on how you perform on certain conditions. There's a lot of parts of that, because you have a different ball, style, speed, and rotation.

Those combinations allow you to strike on a consistent basis. The entry angle of that ball entering the pocket is going to be your strike result. Getting a strike is not an easy thing to do. There's a combination of things that have to happen to have your ball enter the pocket properly, to gain a strike. There are factors that have to do with your approach, lane conditions, rotation, and speed. As a whole they come together at some point to create a strike. When determining your strike pocket, on the left side you have 1-2 pins that create the left handed packet, and the 1-3 pins that create the right handed pocket. Those are the two pockets you're looking for if you're a lefty or righty.

The 1-2 or the 1-3 pins are the two areas of the pins that create the strike. On the right hand side you have the 1-3, the entry of the ball through the packet will allow the strike with the ball traveling through the pins, hitting 5, 8, and 9. The same for the left hand side going through the 1-2 picket, going through the same angle hitting the 5 pin and the 8 and 9 pins. With all that being side, here's how you throw a strike.

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