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How to Keep Your Ball Out of the Gutter

Learn how to keep your ball out of the gutter from former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio in this Howcast bowling video.


How to keep your ball out of the gutter. It's a thing that everybody comes across, especially if you don't bowl as often. So if you want to bowl more, you're going to have to make sure your ball stays on the lane. Most people try to throw the ball so hard and try to hurt the pins, that they lose control. And they throw the ball so fast that they have no form. So when you come to a bowling center, and you try to hit the pins, pick out the right ball, the right weight, and try to keep the ball in the center of the lane.

Those arrows and dots are there for a reason, and they'll help you guide yourself to the pocket. Most of the time the reason why the ball goes in the gutter is the person throws the ball too hard or is looking at the pins. Even though the pins are more visual and they're a little easier to see, you want to make sure you use the targets on the lane, the arrows and dots to help guide you to the pins. Most people look at the pins and throw the ball so hard that they lose control, and they'll have no consistency whatsoever. And it will be very frustrating.

You know, to keep that ball in the lane you've got to make sure that you're looking at the proper targets on the lane, and that's the arrows and the dots. And also, try not to throw the ball so hard. Let the weight of the ball do the work, and you're just guiding the ball down the lane. Some of you may be frustrated keeping the ball in the lane. Just allow yourself to walk to the foul line with the ball and not try to throw the ball so hard. Let the ball do the work, and keep your eyes on the target.

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