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How to Bowl with Mike D'Ambrosio

Learn about former PBA touring player Mike D'Ambrosio, one of Howcast's bowling experts, in this video.


Hi. My name is Mike D'Ambrosio, professional bowler, pro shop operator/owner, professional instructor. We're here today to create some how-to videos on making your bowling game the best you can.

I've been bowling since I was five years old. I got involved in that, mainly because it was more of a challenge. I played every sport under the sun and created a lot of friendships over the years. But bowling created a whole new world. Took me across country, took me around the globe, coaching in different countries, competing in different countries. And also helping many people love the sport of bowling as much as I do.

Bowling, like no other sport, has an invisible playing field. You can't tell what's on the lanes. You have to create something. You have to combat something. And it also brings you to so many other venues. You get a chance to travel. And bowling itself is made for anybody.

You could be any age, any size or shape, you could be a person that has a disability, you could be a person that just loves sports. And it's made for everybody. When you're on the lanes and you're competing, and you have that feeling that nothing can stop you, and you're throwing strikes after strikes and strikes, and you shoot that 300, there's no other feeling in the world. It's almost like an out-of-body experience. But it never gets old. As many as you have, it never gets old and it never gets boring. Here at Bolden Bowl, I'm the head instructor, pro shop operator/owner. And also I had a lot to do with getting young people involved in the sport. Junior coaching, professional coaching, private lessons and also pro shop services. And you can find me at

And now, let's start bowling.

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