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What Is Calculation in Chess?

Learn about chess calculation from Chess NYC in this Howcast video.


Hi, coach Tall here with NYC and today I am gonna talk to you about calculation. Calculation in chess is the process of I go here and he goes there that we all do in our heads. When calculating one should always consider the most forcing options first this way you can save time calculating. Lets now look at an example of calculation and I will do it out loud so you can follow with me. In this position white to move we can in our head figure out what's going on to checkmate by calculating. the most forcing moves are knight to f7 check and queen to g8 check.

If queen to g8 check our opponent has to respond to. King takes g8 and rook takes g8 after rook takes g8, knight f7 is checkmate but unfortunately after king takes g8 we are run out of forcing moves so lets consider our second forcing option. Knight f7 check this leaves our opponent with only one option which is to play king g8. Now the most forcing move in this position is knight h6 double check. this leaves our opponent with two options, king f8 and king h8. Remember the king is on g8 now. After king f8 I can play queen f7 which is checkmate and after king h8 my most forcing move is queen g8 check. After which the rook is forced to take the queen and knight f7 will be checkmate. So remember to always calculate accurately. Calculation can make or break your positions so take your time and see all the options.

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