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How to Achieve Checkmate in 3 Chess Moves

Learn how to achieve checkmate in three moves from Chess NYC in this Howcast video.


Hi this is David Sullivan, for Chess NYC. Some people think chess games are long, slow and boring but they can actually be very quick. Here is an example of a three move game of chess.

White starts by moving the center pawn in front of his king, he does that to free, more pieces, black does the same. Now a frequent beginners move here is to play the queen to h5, white brings up the queen, which develops a piece and he is attacking three pawns, although only one of the pawns is actually unprotected. Best for black here is to develop his knight, and protect the pawn, but he can make some pretty tragic mistakes here. He could play the king to e7, and then after king goes up to e7, which is kind of crazy, you're bringing your king towards the enemy, when he wants to be behind his own pieces, and he also blocks his own bishop and queen, preventing them from moving. White can go queen takes e5, check to the black king, the black king cannot go two squares and capture the queen, nobody can go to this square and block. And wherever the king tries to run, he will still be in check, checkmate.

So, three moves, game over, try not to let it happen to you.

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