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What Is a Smothered Checkmate?

Learn what a smothered checkmate is from Chess NYC in this Howcast video.


Hi, this is coach again. I am gonna show you a quick game on miniature as we call it, illustrating this smothered mate which is important mate that you are familiar with.

If I go d4 in this particular game black goes knight f6 we go c4 and now black uses a game that which actually is just received a new level of interest into a silly introduces a top level. But we go with e5 that's the best to gambit for black giving up a pawn right away and allowing your knight to get hit. So the knight jumps to g4 attacking the pawn that was just attacking it white doesn't want to give that pawn back it brings up the bishop to f4, black hits him with check to b4, white blocks the check with knight of-course, I guess you could retreat the bishop but which is to develop the knight and now this sneaky little move queen to e7 is what allows for what going to be a mother of mate in a couple of moves knight to f3 simple development on the king side black responds with mate to c6 developing the queen's knight and now white goes to attack the bishop and rather than retreat the bishop.

Here goes knight G takes e5 white's thinking black's made a mistake, made a blunder so this I am gonna take the bishop and it wasn't a mistake actually. It was trick knight to d3 checkmate, it cannot go pawn takes knight the queen is pinning that pawn. There is a smothered mate and the reason why its called smothered mate is because the king is being smothered by his own pieces. He has no place to move because he is blocked in every direction by his own white pieces so.

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