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How to Say "Hello" in Italian

Learn how to say "hello" in Italian with this Howcast video.


How to say hello in Italian. Buon giorno. Hello. Buon giorno. Hello. Now you try. You can also say good afternoon. Buon pomeriggio. Good afternoon. Buon pomeriggio. Now you try. You might also say good evening. Buona sera. Good evening. Buona sera. Now you try. Informally, you might say hey. Ciao. Hey. Ciao. Now you try. To a young girl you might say ciao bella. Hello. Ciao bella. You try. To a young man you might say ciao bello. Hello handsome. Ciao bello. You try. To say what's up, che succede. What's up? Che succede? You try. You might also say che si dice. What's up? Che si dice? Now you try. To say how are you, come stai. How are you? Come stai? Or, formally, come sta lei? How are you? Coma sta lei? You try. And that's how you say hello in Italian.

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