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How to Say "Cheers" in Italian

Learn how to say "cheers" in Italian with this Howcast video.


How to say "Cheers" in Italian, "Cent'anni!" To a hundred years! Cent'anni! Now you try.

Now there are lots of ways to say "Cheers" in Italian. You might also say "Cin cin!" Cheers. Cin cin! Now you try.

You might hear "Salute!" To health! Salute! Now you try.

To say "Let's make a toast," "Facciamo un brindisi!" Let's make a toast. Facciamo un brindisi! Now you try.

And to say "To your health," "Alla vostra salute!" To your health. Alla vostra salute! Now you try.

Or to an individual person, "Alla tua salute!" To your health. Alla tua salute! Now you try.

And that's how you say "Cheers" in Italian.

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