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How to Order Coffee in Italian

Learn how to order coffee in Italian with this Howcast video.


How to order coffee in Italian, "Vorrei un caffe". I would like a coffee. Vorrei un caffe. Now you try. Now there are many types of coffee in Italy. To say "I would like a cappuccino", "Vorrei un cappuccino". I would like a cappuccino. Vorrei un cappuccino. Now you try. To order a little espresso with a dollop of steamed milk on top, "Vorrei un caffe macchiato". I would like a macchiato coffee. Vorrei un caffe macchiato. Now you try. To order a tall weaker American coffee, "Vorrei un caffe americano". I would like an American coffee. Vorrei un caffe americano. Now you try. And if you say as we would in America, "Vorrei un latte", you would be ordering a glass of milk. And that's how to order coffee in Italian.

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