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How to Say "F**K" in Italian

Learn how to say "f**k" in Italian with this Howcast video.


How to say fuck in Italian.

Cazzo. Fuck. Cazzo. Now you try.

To say fuck off, vaffanculo. Fuck off. Vaffanculo. Now you try.

To say, I don't give a fuck, non m'importa un cazzo. I don't give a fuck. Non m'importa un cazzo. Now you try.

You might also say, non m'importa una sega. Literally, I don't give a hand job. Non m'importa una sega. Now you try.

And if you're being polite about it, you might say, non m'importa un bel niente. I couldn't care any less. Non m'importa un bel niente. Now you try.

And that's how you say fuck in Italian.

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