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How to Do a Reverse Stockinette Stitch in the Round

Learn how to do a reverse stockinette stitch in the round from circular knitting expert Jessica Kaufman in this Howcast video.


So you may know that in order to get stockinette in the round, you just knit and knit and knit and that's what comes out.

So in order to get reverse stockinette what you would have to do is pearl every round.

Now, there's nothing wrong with the pearl stitch. It's not inherently harder than the knit stitch, but not a lot of people want to pearl every round.

For one thing, sometimes when we make a pearl stitch, it ends up coming out a lot looser for whatever reason, so your gauge will really change from knitting every round to pearling every round.

So I'm going to offer you a little hint on how to get reverse stockinette if you need to do more than a round or two, this is what I would do.

Now, if you just need a round or two of reverse stockinette, you know a half an inch or so, just go ahead and pearl every single round just like you would knit every single round, and you'll get reverse stockinette, which is just the backside of the stockinette fabric.

So some, like a cable knit sweater might have a background of reverse stockinette so that the knit stitches really pop. Who knows why you might have reverse stockinette in a pattern? It's just a design element.

So if you've got miles and miles of it, one hint is to turn your knitting inside out and then what you're looking at is the inside the fabric, and what's on the outside is going to be like the real surface of your fabric.

So if I was knitting a sweater that was reverse stockinette, I can now, because it's inside out, I can now just knit every single stitch.

So basically I'm knitting it from the inside of, let's call it a sweater here, I'm knitting the inside of my sweater so that the outside surface, what you see, is the reverse stockinette and I don't have to pearl every round .

So again, if it were facing me, if the outside, what the people can see, is the right side of the garment, if I want to reverse stockinette out there, I would have to pearl every single round.

If I wanted the outside of the sweater to be reverse stockinette, I could just flip it inside out and that means that now the needle is away from me.

I could now knit every single round because the opposite of a knit is a pearl. If I'm knitting the inside, the wrong side of my sweater, what you're going to see on the outside is the pearls.

So that's an easy way to get reverse stockinette in the round.

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