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How to Bind Off in the Round

Learn how to bind off in the round from circular knitting expert Jessica Kaufman in this Howcast video.


So now I will show you how to bind off in the round. I am gonna be starting just from this kind of arbitrary point because I am not really knitting a parent here that has start and stop. This just a lining to the hat I am making so lets say this is, you have just finished the end of your round and now you are on the bind off round. There is sort of a kinds of bind off that you gonna do, but if you gonna do this standard bind off you need to get two stitches onto your right hand needle. Now of course because you are knitting in the round you never have a completely empty needle on the right side. So what is going to ignore these stitches on back, which are like starting from a brand new needle here.

This is the only confusing thing about binding off on the round is it like, where do you start and stop your bind off. If you are doing a pattern that specifically tells you, finish round number whatever bind off then it is pretty easy. So you would move the marker, if you are using a marker and knit two stitches and then with the tip of the left hand needle I grab the first stitch that you knit which can also be called as the lowest stitch remember we are ignoring all those so we got two stitches on our needle. The one that's lower or further away from the point or first however, you want to think about it. I grab it and slide it up and over the second stitch and then let it fall off. So I will show you again, this time you will need to knit one stitch because the goal is to have two stitches on your right hand needle. Grab the underneath stitch for the first stitch bring it over the top stitch with the second stitch and notice I am not letting the top stitch drop I am keeping it on there which now becomes the bottom stitch knit one, now I have got two on my right hand needle grab the bottom stitch bring it up and over the tip of the needle drop it off managing to not drop this stitch. So this is a standard bind off, which is great, its decorative, its strong and if you can remind yourself to not bind off too tightly its suitably stretchy. I am going to do a few that are nice and loose here, if you find your bind off getting too tight you could slip all your stitches to bigger needle and bind off with that bigger needle but you can see that makes a nice ridge. however, if you are doing something that needs to be really, really stretchy you will never give it on your body like if, you have knit a sweater from the bottom up and the neck line is your bind off you need to make sure it get over your head or if you knitting a sock from the toe up and you need to make sure that the cuff is stretchy enough to fit over your heel and you can do a super stretchy bind off which looks like this.

Knit two stitches together and slip it back on to the left hand needle knit two stitches together and slip it back on to the left hand needle and continue on like that for whatever reason this create a really stretchy bind off that has much more gift to it and if you feel confident that will stretch and fit over whatever body part you are trying to fill over so standard bind off, stretchy bind off in the round you wouldn't be switching between methods in the middle so you wouldn't have that little extra one and when you get all the way around you have eventually two stitches left. If you are doing the stretchy bind off you will knit them together, you have nothing to pass it back on to left hand needle for so you will cut the yarn and drop for you the last needle or last loop. If you are doing a normal or standard bind off again you have one loop left you will cut the yarn and bring it t the loop and if you want t see that in close up you can watch our video on how to bind off.

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